Deciding Whether Live-In or Hourly Care Is Best For You

Hourly Care - you completely control the hours and the days you chose for the caregiver to come.  This gives you the ultimately flexibility.  Hourly care can be as short as 5 hours or as long as 24 hrs.  Generally, shifts 12 hrs and under would be staffed by one person.  Once a caregiver gets to 40 hrs for the week they get overtime.  If you chose to have the same caregiver work over 40 hrs then you pay for the overtime.  Otherwise, we will relieve the caregiver with a new caregiver.

Hourly Caregivers will provide you complete support for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  These include Bathing, Grooming, Ambulation, Exercise, Trips Out of The Home, Medication Reminders, Shopping, Light Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, Laundry and many other duties.  In short, the Caregiver will help with the tasks that you used to be able to do yourself, but are now challenged.

Live-In Care might be a better solution is care is needed for beyond 12 hrs a day.  Alliance Care is one of the few companies that still offers Live-In Care.  That give you flexibility.  Live-In caregivers will also assist with ADLs.

Why would you chose Live-In Care?  Often it has to do with either stand-by assistance needs or with supervision and companionship.  Live-In care is cost competitive with Skilled Nursing Care and many Assisted Living solutions.  There are some requirements we have to discuss with you about Live-In Care, so just ask about them.  Live-In Care is not "around the clock".  The Caregiver has to sleep, so care lasts about 16 hrs a day.