Frequently Asked Questions


Does Social Security Cover Home Care Costs?

The short answer is unfortunately, No.  Home Care is excluded.  Skilled Nursing Care is covered for a limited number of visits if ordered by a doctor.

How About Private Health Insurance?

In some rare cases private health insurance will pay home care.  Most often though the answer is also no.  Again, these types of insurance are designed to cover skilled nursing care, physical and occupational therapy.

How About Long-Term and Short-Term Care Insurance?

Ah, the first bit of good news.  Most often these policies will cover in-home care if you meet the policy conditions.  Those are usually either a doctor ordering the care or the covered person needing help with Activities of Daily Living.

How Are Caregivers Selected & What If I Don't Like Mine?

We select your Caregiver based on their skill set, availability and being nearby.  Most often the fit is perfect, but sometimes the personalities just don't match.  In that care, you simply call us and request a new caregiver.  We have over 90 caregivers that work for Alliance Care.  One is perfect for you.

What If I Change My Mind & Don't Want Care?

You only pay for services you use.  As long as you call us 24hrs ahead to cancel you pay nothing.

Question Of The Week - From A Customer?

We have long-term care insurance with an elimination period of 45 days.  When and How will we find out when they start to pay?  

Alliance Care will file your claims for you and track the insurance company payments if you desire.  We will let you know when insurance should start paying and call for you to see that they do.